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A civil judgment is a final court decision and order resulting from a civil lawsuit, often requiring one of the parties to pay a specific sum of money to the other party.

Columbia provides a skilled legal collection department to identify and locate attachable assets, prepare the necessary paperwork to execute on these assets, including transcribing judgments as necessary, issuing garnishments, and filing liens, all the while navigating through a state’s exemption laws and garnishment statutes.

As you may now know, obtaining a judgment is not the cure all that many people think it is going to be when they first file their lawsuit and pay all the costs associated with a suit, including court costs, service fees, and attorney fees when applicable. When you factor in the countless hours spent preparing your case and the stress and emotions that one usually undertakes during this process, and it is easy to see how important collecting the judgment becomes—and just how difficult it may be.

Locally owned with a national reach, Columbia can effectuate judgment recovery across the country. Columbia transcribes judgments or executes assignment of judgments from our clients on existing judgments as necessary to effectuate collection.

Columbia forwards all costs associated with the legal process, including judgment recovery, and passes on these costs as allowed by law to the judgment debtor. Stop throwing your good money and time after bad, and let the experts at Columbia collect your judgment.

Once a judgment is obtained, often times the real work begins. Our experts can navigate the very complex process of judgment recover, ensuring you get paid the money due you.


Our professional collections team has specialized training in the following areas of debt recovery.

Columbia Collection is a BBB Accredited Collection Agencies in Milwaukie, OR

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