Our Recent Upgrade!

Columbia Collection Service is thrilled to announce our recent upgrade to Microsoft’s Cloud Platform for our computing and communications needs.

This investment in our mutual success brings significant benefits such as:

  • An extensive set of international and industry-specific up-to-date compliance standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, FERPA, FIPS 140-2, IRAP, FedRAMP, and more!
  • Sensitive data is now managed by Microsoft’s industry-leading security technologies and practices instead of local, in-house servers.
  • Extended days and hours of operation bring greater account coverage, agent availability, and service to your business and the accounts assigned to the agency. (Coming in 2019).
  • Cloud integration allows us to quickly scale up as your business grows.
  • Seamless operation and limited, if any downtime in the event of a disaster. 
  • Continuous data-security monitoring to ensure data is resilient to attack and safeguarding of user access.
  • Built-in redundancy means no downtime in service. The Cloud is designed to operate 24/7/365 and will retrieve stored information at any given time, regardless of any maintenance or unplanned issues that may arise.

We are just scratching the surface of the enhancements this revolutionary technology brings to our services and your bottom-line. Stay tuned!