Announcement to Our Valued Customers: The Next Chapter in Our Story

Columbia Collection Service, Inc. wants to express our sincere gratitude, and appreciation to YOU, our clients, for the loyalty, and support demonstrated over the years.  We are grateful for all our clients! Thank you.

Columbia is additionally thrilled to share in our excitement to announce Columbia Collection Service, Inc. after over 30 years is under New ownership; Michelle Galvan. Michelle has an extensive, diversified history in the collection industry. Michelle has been with Columbia for “an undisclosed” amount of time.” Undisclosed, as it was deemed to be “too telling of her age, and a lady never reveals her age.” 

On a day-to-day, it’s business as usual only now, the staff has even more resources with her leadership and capabilities to continue driving value for our clients.

Columbia will continue to provide an effective, client-focused partnership with an even more comprehensive collection knowledge and insight. Michelle works tirelessly and consistently towards goal attainment, which entails being disciplined, responsible, and extremely focused on achieving the ultimate goal – changing the public’s perception of third-party collection agencies.

Michelle’s detailed playbook enables her team to grow while expanding their knowledge with essential tools, education, support, and guidance which will remain with them forever.

As a self-assured, competitive leader, she projects authority through both actions and communications. Various obstacles played a pivotal role in Michelle’s earlier life, teaching her new ways to grow, be adaptable, and lead, thus paving the road in the collection industry as she can relate, empathize and help consumers. She attributes success by never giving up, surrounding herself with a support system comprised of individuals who share her values of hard work and giving back, and the love of her family. Her better half, Matthew Bishop, is a career firefighter for Vancouver Fire Department.  Together, they are a power couple, in raising their children in addition to looking out for the benefit of others. Michelle is a mother of five, Matt a father of two. Michelle’s children are natural givers, jumping over her footsteps to serve others, and love to influence change around them. Her children have earned academic recognition as Presidential scholars, serve in both law enforcement, and the U.S. Marine Corps.

Michelle sees every day as an opportunity to make a difference to those around her. 

We want to take this opportunity to again thank each and every one of our clients for putting their trust in us over the years and bringing Columbia to where we are today.

Our employees come to work every day for our clients, our team and our consumers. Our team is driven to make revenue recovery easier for our clients. This commitment is stronger than ever during this exciting time.  

Life is a team effort – if not treated as one, then what’s the point? Our team is here to assist in all your recovery needs.