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Our Recent Upgrade!

Our Recent Upgrade! Columbia Collection Service is thrilled to announce our recent upgrade to Microsoft’s Cloud Platform for our computing and communications needs. This investment in our mutual success brings significant benefits such as: An [...]

  • Sunk Cost

Sunk Cost

Sunk Cost Have you compelled yourself to finish watching a bad movie because you have already invested an hour or so and just want to see how it ends? A sunk cost is like a [...]

42nd Annual Lake Run!

42nd Annual Lake Run! This year, Northwest Housing Alternatives is partnering with the Lake Oswego Women's Club to host the 42nd annual Lake Run! For decades, thousands of runners have participated in this tradition to [...]

  • blog post - Mr. Rogers Goes to Washington

Mr. Rogers Goes to Washington

Mr. Rogers Goes to Washington This video is a 6 minute master class on effective communication. There are so many lessons in this video [...]

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